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Now I'm Worried
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Added 7/20/2006
Updated 11/25/2010
From (English title) "The Waterflowers of Cerulean City." Kasumi has fruitlessly tried to talk Satoshi and Takeshi out of (unknowingly) visiting her hometown, and eventually gives up.

Out of all the females who have come and gone from the show, she is my favorite. In my mind she is the only rightful girl to be walking beside doofy Satoshi as he bravely (yet stupidly) throws himself into difficult situations, only to get to ride a cool Pokemon at the end. I stopped watching the show shortly before she left, and I'm holding off watching any new episodes until she comes back. Snobbish? I guess xD But I mean, come on! Why'd they have to toss her out in the first place?

I love her "I'm doomed" expression here. She is actually sweatdropping but that layer did not come with my cel. Obviously the background is UNmatching. I love her red hair and green eyes, but honestly, what was she THINKING with that outfit? At least the Urkel suspenders protect her from any "exposure" with a summer breeze o.O

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