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I'll Take You On
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Added 8/17/2006
Updated 11/25/2010
Satoshi stands, ready to fight, while Kasumi and Kenji look on in panic. I don't know what episode this is from, but I can tell that this is obviously from the Orange Islands season. I never thought I'd own a cel with Kenji in it! Now I just have to get one with Takeshi in it, and I'll be a happy camper!

Really nice stance of Satoshi here. He always looks so cute, especially when he's angry and/or he's not wearing that jacket (listen to me, I sound like a pedophile or cradle robber or something O_o). He means well but he's dumber than a pile of circus rocks. I'll never understand those gloves of his, though. Is he going for an "XX-treme Pokeball toss!!1121" look? It's almost like he's a mugger in a Dickens novel :) I kid.

A lot of people seem to hate the pokemon watcher, and honestly I don't see why he's so bad. I mean, sure, it would've been fun to watch Kasumi and Satoshi go it alone for awhile (hehe, romance opportunities, perhaps?), but I guess they couldn't let them be alone, being barely teens.

I love the background! I can almost feel the cool breeze and smell the beach. I miss living in a state with a beach :{

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