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Happy Breakfast
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End Cel
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Added 2/16/2008
Updated 11/25/2010
WISHLIST CEL! Eee! I never even hoped to get something from this scene! But now I have it, and it's mine :3

From (English title) "Who Gets to Keep Togepi?". Team Rocket successfully egg-napped a not yet hatched Togepi, and you see them totally relaxed and going about their life here while Satoshi and the gang watch from a window undetected. Musashi isn't wearing her gloves or her boots! I love it!

For some reason, cels/sketches of this episode seem the easiest to find - at least, for me. The light/dark of the scan is a little bad because it wouldn't fit in the scanner properly, sorry (I think I even damaged the edge of the background because of it *bawls*). I decided to switch to the seller scan for the large picture for now, so sorry that it looks a little low-key.

And yeah, I know... Kojiro is floating. I can't get to the cel to fix it right now - I'm afraid of damaging it.

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