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Daichi, Himeko and Pokota
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Added 11/12/2004
Updated 11/25/2010
I feel so lucky to have this, and that I got it as successfully as I did. I mean, I didn't get a single bid against me. I was shocked! Or maybe I put too much worth into cels that really aren't worth as much or are not as popular as I assume?

I have not watched the whole Hime-chan series, but I have to say that I adore this coupling (even if, the last time I checked, this wasn't official). Daichi is the smart-mouthed rebel (earning him his own fanclub - I wonder if real Japanese high schools have these things?) who can be surprisingly kind and helpful. Hime-chan hates him at first, but eventually she sees he's not so bad.

These 'moments' are rather difficult to come by, at least at a cheap rate.

This didn't fit quite right on the scanner, so some of the bottom is cut off. That, and my dad's scanner and photo program are rather troublesome, so the picture quality and size aren't right. Bah.

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