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Aernath's Heartthrobs - Boys that will make your eyes do the "cartoony bug out thing."
Chandra's Rubberslug Cel Gallery - Anybody with this many awesome Ryoko cels is cool in my book.
Jenny and Katie's Cels - I adore her collection of Hime-chan no Ribbon cels *drool*
Linda's Cel Gallery - I love retro animation (especially when it comes to 80's anime) and she has a ton of them!
Rei's Cels - My good friend Rei's glorious cels!
Sweet Sugarflower Cel Studio - One of the kindest people I've met online, and has a very nice collection!
Vapalla's Cels - Stunning collection of Tenshi ni Narumon cels.


eCrater Store - Store full of items from Japan. Manga, cels, doujinshi, CDs, more!
Frosted Suki - Personal page featuring a profile about me, webpages I've created, and other goodies.
Let's Reading! - My doujinshi (Japanese fancomic) collection.


Curator: pinkie}{promise
Gallery Created: 9/16/2004
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