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Akazukin Cha Cha

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Cha Cha is a young witch being taught magic by her guardian, Seravy, supposedly the best wizard around (much to the annoyance of nearby witch, Dorothy, an old school "chum"/self-declared rival). Cha Cha's best friends are wolf boy Riiya and fellow wizard-in-training Shiine-chan (who is also learning under Dorothy's care). They both have a crush on her but she appears oblivious. Together they help Cha Cha transform into Magical Princess to punish monsters and those who are out to harm her. However, it's the people around her she should really be afraid of! A ditzy principal, a whip wielding teacher, a witch who hates her because she lives with Seravy, a mermaid out to steal Riiya away, and more!

One of my favorite shoujo series, I am baffled as to why nobody has licensed it. Maybe because it's too long, or maybe because it's a kid's show, but still! If you are able to get episodes, I highly recommend a watch!

 Riiya, Cha Cha, and Dorothy sitting

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