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Da! Da! Da! is the story of two middle schoolers, Miyu and Kanata, and the out-of-this-world bundle of joy that literally flies into their lives.

Having been left alone together to fend for themselves by their flighty, impulsive parents (Kanata?s dad left for India, Miyu?s parents left for America to work for NASA), things become more unbalanced quite rapidly. Ruu (the baby), and his Sitter-Pet, Wanya, arrive one night from a planet billions of light years away, and until his parents can come pick him up (which may take months or longer), Miyu and Kanata must reluctantly play mom and dad. On top of these outrageous complications they also have to ward-off nosey-bodies from figuring out their secret, and avoid developing feelings for each other. It's a childhood nobody would ask for.

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