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Himeko is your average tomboy, but not content with that image. She really wants to be like her older sister, who is good at cooking, cleaning, and very shy and sweet; the best girl a guy could wish for. One day Himeko is visited by her lookalike, Princess Erika, from the Magic World. Erika wants Himeko to play guinea pig for her invention, a ribbon that allows the user to transform into any living, non-fictional person on earth. If found useful, Erika will claim her right to the throne. Skeptical and unwilling at first, once Himeko learns she can transform into her sister she accepts the challenge.

Hime-chan, unlike many magical girl shows, does not focus mainly on Himeko's special items. There is no monster of the week, no master villian out to take over the world. It is simply Himeko, the people around her, and how she uses her magic ribbon to help them and herself in hairy situations. Though she is scatter-brained and sometimes only makes things worse, she has the best of intentions.

This is one of those shows that unjustly has not been licensed for North American release. If you are ever able to get ahold of some episodes (or even the manga), I highly recommend you check it out!

 Daichi, Himeko and Pokota

 Schoolgirl Himeko

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