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Mahoujin Guru Guru, which aired in 1994, is probably the strangest, wackiest anime I've ever encountered. Slapstick is constant - nothing is ever serious for more than a minute, if that long - I'm not kidding.

In Plain Old Village (that's actually the name), Nike has been undergoing "training" since he was very small, as his parents are adamant that he become a dashing hero someday (though he himself is lazy and doesn't want to have anything to do with it). Conveniently, just as the boy has grown old enough to take care of himself (age 13), that's when all the trouble starts. When his dad finds out that the king is looking to recruit a warrior to deal with a resurrected evil, one thing leads to another and Nike meets magic user Kukuri. Though cute, soft-spoken, and pretty much idolizing her new friend (referring to him only as "hero"), she has a bit of an attitude and struggles to learn the Guru Guru circles of her heritage. This leads to a lot of bizarre "oopsies" you'd have to see to believe. On their journey to save the world, they'll meet many characters, including a hairy-legged old man who dances in a hula skirt, and loincloth wearing sprites! It's a wild ride that I highly recommend :)

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