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Tonde Buurin (also known as Super Pig) is one of the most unusual shoujo I've ever heard of. I honestly can't tell if it's supposed to be a "seriously real" show, a parody, or both.

13-year-old Karin saves a yellow piglet on her way to school, and as a reward Tonrariaano the Third (the pig, also known as "Ton-chan") gives her a magical compact that can turn her into a super hero. Sadly, the form is of a pink pig, and Karin must do 108 good deeds before she can pick whatever she wants to look like next. As you can imagine, this leads to wacky and confusing adventures.

This show ran from 1994-1995, carrying 51 episodes, and though it has been released in countries such as Italy, Poland, Germany and New Zealand, no North American release is in sight. It's doubtful I will ever see most of where these cels come from (they're just so cute, though, I couldn't resist). If you're interested in more information, check out Keith's Tonde Buurin Page.


 Shock And Horror

 Archaeology Piggy

 It Was YOU!

 Three In A Row

 Hey Mikey!

 A firm grip

 Good Morning

 I Spy

 Avon Calling

 Strange Sight

 Girl's Got The Drive

 Wrapped With Love

 Crouching Banana, Running Pineapple

 Anger on the Rocks

 Buurin and the Sweatdrops

 Miss Octopus 1994

 Look to the Sky


 Pork Buds

 Just Act Natural

 She's Blasting Off Again

 Say What?

 Takuma Go Boom
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