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Mizuiro Jidai (also known as Aqua Age or The Blue-green Years) is a slice of life show about a young girl named Yuko, who is undergoing the struggles of growing up. Think a Japanese The Wonder Years.

Over the course of one summer, Yuko's childhood friend, Hiroshi, has changed. He no longer wears glasses, and instead of being as studious as he was before, he now focuses on sports. Yuko realizes she's developing a crush on him, but once she finds out her best friend likes him, she doesn't know what to do.

Mizuiro Jidai ran from 1996-1997 and even earned it's own musical in 2001. Though I have yet to see this show, I look forward to the opportunity.

 The Gang's All Here

 Private Moment

 Temple Talk

 Catching A Prize

 Curious Student

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