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Lina Inverse - hot-headed, short, and willing to help out those in need - for a fee, of course! How is a young sorceress supposed to make a living? Traveling with her is a brick-for-brains mercenary named Gourry, a justice-obsessed princess named Amelia, and Zel, a human turned Chimera with an attitude problem and love for coffee.

This show was developed in 1995, with several OVAs, movies and seasons under its belt. It has remained so popular that in 2008, two new Slayers anime, called Slayers Revolution and Evolution-R, went into production.

I fell in love with this show around 2000, and it has remained in my top five ever since. With a mix of medieval and modern life, serious and goofy antics, it's an absolute classic that more people need to watch.


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