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If you know where I might acquire such cels, please let me know. I don't have a million eyes and can't check every site on the internet, ya know ;) Likewise, if you own such a cel yourself, and are willing to part with it, let's do business. Depending on the level of want I might be willing to trade certain cels.

Thank you, fellow collectors!

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Something from the "Girls and Boys of Rock and Roll" sequence from "A Chipmunk Adventure." Very High
The Chipettes explore the world. I want one of their "snapshots." From "A Chipmunk Adventure." Very High
The Chipettes in their Arabian costumes from the movie "A Chipmunk Adventure." Very High
Barbie & The Rockers
Barbie and her Rocker girls all ready for their space concert. Medium
Barbie and Ken at the ball! Medium
The pink Barbie spaceship Medium
Da! Da! Da!
Kanata and/or Miyu from the Cinderella episode Low
Dominion Tank Police
Leona embracing Al after he is shot protecting her. Love! Will Give Kidney
A quiet moment between Leona and Al. I love this (one-sided) couple and want a cel from this scene so badly :P Very High
Leona, unconscious and captured by the evil Dainippon Gaiken Corporation. Medium
Hey Arnold
Arnold and Helga (anything... ANYTHING at all) Will Give Kidney
A group shot of Kasumi, Satoshi and Takeshi - can be in the forest or elsewhere Very High
A group shot of Team Rocket and the "brats" - they are all so cute together and I'd like something that features all of them in one shot Very High
I think I have a better chance of marrying Josh Groban than getting this - but I'd really like "Ashley" and her "parents" from the perfume episode Very High
Kasumi and Satoshi. I know I'll never find one (and if I did would have to sell everything I own to afford it) but one can dream. Very High
Musashi, Kojirou, Nyasu group shot. They could be in peril or simply hanging out Very High
Something with Takeshi, Kasumi, and Satoshi simply living life (not just walking in the forest). Eating, talking on the video phone, etc. Very High
The Sensational Sisters (with or without Kasumi). They may be airheads, but I want one of them, anyway ;) Very High
A cel with Lina in her wedding dress from the "fake wedding" episode would be SO GREAT! Will Give Kidney
Tenchi Muyo
Ryoko and Tenchi on the roof in the second movie, Daughter of Darkness. Very High

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